Every united sounding of several tones at once, every combination of tones simultaneously heard, may be called a
Pluritone. (Gottfried Weber, 1841).


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Credit App & Financial

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How it Works

  • Credit facility - extra credit facility for ALL your future IT purchases
  • Conserve bank lines - save your bank facilities for uncertainty or growth in your business.
  • Cash flow management - no upfront cash outflow.
  • Clean contracts - straight-forward & no sneaky clause.
  • Credible banking - we’ve partnered with Spartan Technology Rentals, SA’s longest- running, pioneering rental funder.
  • No hardware component requireTypes of software - CRM/ERP/specialised industry software/web & general development/etc.
  • Includes financing for - licensing/implementation/training.
  • Finance terms - max. 36 months, excl. annual license fees which is over 12 months